Polyglaze Tile Grout Admix

'Polyglaze Tile Grout Admix' is a milky white polymer additive based liquid designed to use with Polyglaze Tile Grout Powder instead of water. It results in long lasting color appearance, superior shock and weather resistance. It can be used in both interior and exterior areas and suitable with a wide variety of tile and stones grout applications.

  • Economical to use and easy to clean
  • Increases the abrasion resistance of the grout
  • Inhibits stain causing bacteria, molds, and mildew
  • Reduces shrinkage and cracking
  • Reduces problems of stains & color fading
  • Prevents grout damage from weathering
  • Improves flexibility and durability
  • Suitable for Ceramic, vitrified, glass mosaic and other artificial and natural stones
200 ml, 400 ml & 5 ltr
As per Tile size & joint width
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