Polyglaze PZ MP99 SBR

Is a styrene butadiene rubber latex emulsion additive specially designed for use as an integral bonding agent with cement-based products in slurry bonding coats, mortars, screeds, renders and tile adhesives. It can be used to modify and improve bonding and adhesion to properly prepared substrate.

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  • It greatly improves adhesion to a wide range of substrates
  • It works as bonding agent for screeds & renders
  • It Increases flexural and tensile strength of mortar
  • It provides waterproofing properties on screeds & plasters by reducing permeability
  • It can be used in both internal & external areas
  • It improves bond strength and reduces shrinkage and cracking
  • It offers good workability at reduced water/cement ratio
1 Kg / 5 Kg Bottle
Vary as per application and mix design
Pourable Liquid
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