Polyglaze PZ W Putty

A white cement based putty, ideal for use on concrete/mortar, internal/external walls and Ceilings. It fills the fine pores of mortar/concrete walls and ceilings thereby providing a white, smooth and dry surface essential for painting. It gives excellent adhesive strength, durability and enhances the life of paints.

  • It can be applied on both Interior and Exterior surfaces
  • It does not require any curing
  • It can be used on new as well as old walls/ceilings
  • It will give a smooth and glossy finish
  • Any kind of paint or distemper can be applied on it
  • It prevents the growth of algae and fungi on walls
  • It is water and UV resistant
20 Kg / 40 Kg Bag
18-20 sq.ft./ kg / mm
Conforms to : HBD 2012 / IS 17545 : 2021
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