Polyglaze Tile Grout

'Polyglaze Tile Grout' is a single component white cement based, polymer modified grout that helps in achieving hard dense joints which are resistant to shrinkage and cracking and can be used to fill tile joints on walls and floors with a minimum width of 1 mm to a maximum width of 12 mm for both interior and exterior applications.

  • Wide joint bridging
  • Good Water resistance - can be used both indoor and outdoor tile grouting
  • Exceptional colour stability
  • Suitable for joints width 2 to 10 mm
  • Non-shrinking and high stain resistance
  • Being Polymer modified it enhances durability and helps to achieve a more robust and flexible grout finish


  • It may be used for interior and exterior- Floor, Wall and Ceilings
  • “Polyglaze Tile Grout can be used in conjunction with Polyglaze Tile Adhesive (although not necessary) for grouting all types of Ceramic & Vitrified tiles, Mosaics, Porcelain, Quarry tiles, Bricks, Pavers, Slate and Natural stones. It may be used for interior and exterior- Floors, Walls and Ceilings
  • Being water resistant, Polyglaze Tile Grout can also be used for grouting wet areas like Swimming pools, power shower enclosures, Toilets & Bathrooms etc.
1 Kg & 10 Kg
Product conforms to EN 13888 : 2009
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