Polyglaze PZC Tile Grout

A single component white cement based, polymer-modified grout that helps in achieving hard dense joints which are resistant to shrinkage and cracking and can be used to fill tile joints on walls and floors.

  • Wide joint bridging
  • Good Water resistance
  • Exceptional colour stability
  • Non-shrinking and high stain resistance
  • Excellent workability, smooth and easy to spread and easy clean-up
  • Being Polymer modified it enhances durability and helps to achieve a more robust and flexible grout finish


  • It may be used for interior and exterior - Floor, Wall and Ceilings
  • ‘Polyglaze PZC Tile Grout’ can be used in conjunction with ‘Polyglaze Tile Adhesive’ (although not necessary) for grouting all types of Ceramic & Vitrified tiles, Mosaics, Porcelain, Quarry tiles, Bricks, Pavers, Slate and Natural stones for best results
  • Being water resistant, Polyglaze PZC Tile Grout can also be used for grouting wet areas like Swimming pools, power shower enclosures, etc. with due precautions.
1 Kg Pouch / 10 Kg Bag
Conforms to : EN 13888 : 2009 / IS 17190:2020
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