Polyglaze PZ 200 XT & PZ W200 XT

A premium multipurpose grey / white cement based adhesive. It is a high polymer modified adhesive for use in both internal/external areas, tile on tile application and for large format tiles/stones.

  • Specially designed with Extended Open Time.
  • Single component, just mix with clean water and use
  • Durable with high tensile adhesion strength
  • Being ready to use, the product saves considerable time and labour
  • It can be used in damp areas with necessary precautions

To fix various types of Large format/Vitrified / Glass mosaic/all natural stones like granite, marble etc of dense& large dimension on all Dry & levelled surfaces including Bathroom / Balcony / Kitchen areas. It can also be used in Tile on Tile Application. Use of Notch Trowel and Screeding / Plastering prior to application is a must.

20 Kg / 40 Kg BOPP Bags
50 - 60 sft./ 20 Kg bag with 3 - 4 mm thickness
Conforms to : IS 15477 : 2019 Type 2T Adhesive / EN 12004 / ISO 13007 : C2TE
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