Polyglaze PZ Crack Mortar

A high strength, pre-mixed, masonry mortar for repair works, minor plastering and for laying of AAC blocks / stones. It replaces conventional cement-sand mixture for repair work. It is specially formulated & easily applicable, giving a better bonding strength.

  • Application – Easily applicable by putty knife like conventional putties
  • Flexibility – Flexible & hence can accommodate minor movements in cracks
  • Painting – Over coatable with any kinds of polymer based paints after 24 hours
  • Quick setting proprietary mortar
  • Ready mixed polymer modified mortar designed for renovation and repair purposes
  • Eliminates the need of curing
  • For internal cracks - ‘Polyglaze PZ W Crack Mortar’ is recommended
  • For external cracks - ‘Polyglaze PZ G Crack Mortar’ is recommented

5 Kg Pouch
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