Polyglaze Repair Mortar

'Polyglaze Repair Mortar' is a high strength, pre-mixed, masonry mortar for repair works, minor plastering and for laying of AAC blocks / stones. It replaces conventional cement-sand mixture for repair work. It is specially formulated & easily applicable, giving a better bonding strength.

  • Quick setting proprietary mortar
  • Higher bonding strength increase durability and eliminates future maintenance
  • Non-metallic doesn’t rust out, will not discolor wall
  • Ready mixed polymer modified mortar designed for renovation and repair purposes
  • Being premixed, it save considerable time and labour and is hassle free to use
  • Eliminates the need of Curing
  • Polyglaze Repair Mortar can be used for internal floors / walls, ceilings; in fact anywhere you need to make good, patch, fill or shape repairs  
  • It can also be used for works like laying blocks, for filing wall trenches, to cover all types of gaps in walls, for small repair work of staircase broken edges, for panel / boards fixing and for minor plastering purpose
  • It can also be used along with the waterproofing chemical for waterproofing purpose
5 Kg Pouch
Product conforms to ASTM, EN & IS
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